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Secure Web-based Counseling

My work through Regroup Therapy provides a virtual meeting room where a client can communicate with a me in a secure chat session, audio session with a headset, or audio-video session with a headset and webcam. Clients may choose to receive any of these session types.

The secure virtual room has been integrated into the website and by an encrypted connection via internet you enter and communicate in the secure virtual room within the website. This is why the virtual room in regrouptherapy.com is not only secure, but also user friendly, because you do not usually need to install any additional program or software (99% of all computers have Adobe® Flash® Player installed). For a chat session you need only a computer; for an audio session you also need a headset and for an audio-video session you also need a headset and webcam. Your headset and webcam should just be connected to your computer. Some newer laptops have a built-in microphone, speaker and webcam ready for you to communicate in the virtual meeting room.

To schedule an online appointment send an online request form and I will send you a link for your first session. 












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